Nomadnoos Wabisabi


7 besondere Designs und ihre Variationen von Eri Shimizu, Meri von Amirisu, Ayano Tanaka und Naoko Ogawa


Wabi-Sabi, The Beauty of Artisanally Made yarns, is a storytelling and knitting pattern book with beautiful photos for responsible knitters. Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese philosophy rooted in tea ceremonies. It is a ritual of purity and simplicity, handmade and irregularly shaped objects with uneven glaze, cracks, and a beauty in deliberate imperfection.

This book is about implementing this philosophy to the textile, yarn and knitting, accepting the imperfections of nature. You will find 7 beautiful patterns and their variations designed by Eri Shimizu, Meri from Amirisu, Ayano Tanaka and Naoko Ogawa.

Each Wabi-Sabi chapter has a story based on one of the seven principles:

Kanso: simplicity,
Fukinsei: asymmetry or irregularity,
Shibumi: Beauty in the understated,
Shizen: naturalness without pretension,
Yugen: Subtle grace,
Datsuzoku: freeness,
Seijaku: tranquillity.

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